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If you are looking for a manufacturer who can supply plastic parts & products for your application........
"Look no further !"

Established in 1973, American Acrylics can supply you with a full line of plastic materials and offer our great services to produce the finest quality plastic parts & products.


Taking an idea or design from its inception through prototyping to a finished product requires patience, effort, understanding and  great communication with our customers. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality parts & products at the lowest possible cost in the shortest period of time.


In today's fast paced world it is essential that care be taken with the details that make any project a success for both the customer and the supplier. From potential production problems to the packaging of the product you can count on our honesty and integrity.


American Acrylics offers terrific services. We cut to size on our powermatic table saws, provide various edge finishing styles, drill & countersink and offer either a buffed or flame polished finish to make that edge sparkle.  
We own & operate 2 Laser Cutting Sytems. Using our Cad/Cam software, we can cut intricate parts with amazing results. 
With our Parts Nesting software, we utilize virtually every inch of material minimizing waste. We also recycle all of our waste. 
We offer screen printing and fabrication services too. 

So let us quote on your next project. 



American Acrylics 
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