All acrylic clipboards are laser cut from the finest quality materials with edges polished to a brilliant shine. 

Your choice of clear acrylic or a variety of transparent and opaque colors.

                                                             Acrylic clipboards come with your choice of a polished chrome plated clip                                                             




 At American Acrylics we specialize in laser cut custom acrylic clipboards with cutouts for gauges. timers

& an assortment of other electronic devices. Sometimes multiple clips are even an acrylic clipboard requirement.

We can print a logo, emblem, message or image on the front or back of your acrylic clipboards.


Plastic Clipboardslasrcut2.jpgclippc14sm.jpgclips67bsm.jpgclippc605sm.jpg

                                                                 Note: Clips and Boards also sold separately.