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Plastic Films

Plastic Films

PETG Films are a thermoplastic copolyester plastic films material. It features good clarity and impact strength. PETG film offers resistance to frontal and drop ball impacts comparable to polycarbonate. Furthermore, it is far less costly and typically can be formed without the added expense of pre-drying. It has more impact than acrylic, which often allows use of thinner gauges. PETG plastic film has FDA approval for food contact applications but it is not recommended for outdoor or high temperature applications.

LDPE Polyethylene Films - All purpose medium and lightweight plastic films for indoor and outdoor use : window insulation, outdoor storage, dropcloths, construction, agriculture for all-weather protection.

Typical Applications
  • Equipment covers
  • Temporary walls
  • Product wrapping
  • Stock pile covering
  • Cargo load covering
  • Railroad car covering
  • Insulation
  • Membranes
  • Pool covers
  • Vapor barriers
  • Pitliners
  • Skid and Crate wrap
  • Shipping wrap
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