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Laser Cutting Plastics

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Since 1988, American Acrylics has used lasers to cut all types of plastic materials. Fast, clean, cost effective and dimensionally accurate, we laser cut products for many different industries. We laser cut all of the plastic components for our printing and fabrication departments.

    Laser Cutting Plastics American Acrylics  Laser Cutting Services
    From prototyping to large production, lasers are our cutting tool of choice.

We currently own and operate two laser systems, both have enough power to provide our customers with great looking parts at a very competitive price. Programming is done by our own talented staff and parts can be produced from a wide variety of sources. With Cad / Cam software, we can  develop new ideas, bringing parts to life quickly and competitively. With our parts nesting software, we maximize sheet yield effortlessly, providing the customer with a lower product cost and limiting material waste. We cut many of the materials we offer in our products section.

Laser Cutting Plastics American Acrylics  Laser Cutting ServicesAcrylics in particular benefit from this cutting process, parts are produced with a high quality edge, polished to a brilliant finish. We also cut Acrylic Mirror for many applications with amazing results.

Lasers have changed the way we manufacture products. Even the most intricate shapes and profiles can be produced at a fraction of the cost of conventional cutting methods.

Everyday we encounter new concepts and ideas that further our capabilities to provide our customers with stunning, elegant and functional products.

    So let us quote on your next project !!!

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